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Porträt Lisa Ennaoui

Lisa Ennaoui is a dancer, choreographer and dance teacher based in Berlin. Her work is deeply rooted in the underground street dance culture. Particularly techniques and methods of the styles Popping, House Dance and HipHop run through her works. Besides that, her studies in Physiotherapy shaped a rather analytical view on movement and its components and allow her to abstract these into new thoughts and contexts.

Her dance theatre experiences reach from working with choreographers as Nils “Storm” Robitzky to performing her own choreographical works e.g. at the Tanz im August festival Berlin.

Moreover, she is creating with her collective Walashé since 2018, which consists of only females and stands up for the positioning of women* in the men-dominated structures of hip hop. Besides their own creative journey, they are trying to give back to the community, by organizing events, trainings, performance evenings etc.

On a more commercial side, Lisa Ennaoui worked for tv productions such as “Babylon Berlin” or “Almost Fly”, and danced for clients including Hennessy, VW and Siemens.

Since 2011 she is teaching dance in different settings and for different target groups. A matter of personal importance is the female training session she is organizing, supported by her collective, since 2019 in order to create a safer space for this underrepresented group of people, especially in HipHop culture but also beyond. Since 2022 the training is aimed for FLINTA people.