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The Legend of Hip Hop

The Legend of Hip Hop is a show about the founding and development of Hip Hop. Therefore the composer Karsten Gundermann and the choreographer Wilfried Ebongue worked together and fused urban dance, rap, beatboxing and the classical sounds of an orchestra in order to display the history of hip hop. Besides getting a sense of the subculture, the audience also gets an insight into different facets of social life.


Composition: Karsten Gundermann
Choreography: Wilfried Ebongue
Conductor: Ekkehard Klemm
Beatbox: Benjamin Rex, Ray-Sören Tulodziecki
Rap: Kana & Mavie
Dancers: Yamine Manaa, Thomias Radin, Siham Refaie, Lisa Ennaoui, Naomi Karfich, Joshua Nsubuga, Florian Vincent Graul, Kaoru Matsui
Artistice Assistance/ Photos: Jill Bettendorf
Costume Designer: Stephane “Peeps”