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Lisa Ennaoui performing her solo at TNDD studio round #2 in Dresden

Performance at TNDD Studio Round #2 of TanzNetzDresden e.V.


Life means development, change, adaptation. At the same time everything is connected to and depending on each other. If I change, so does my environment. If my environment changes, so am I. The solo „Déjà-vu“ reflects in particular upon the effects of the development of movement and locomotion of an individual. It doesn´t seem to be aware of the dependencies of the universe, but is to get the chance to understand them.


Choreography & Dance: Lisa Ennaoui

Im Auftrag von: Tanz im August/ Hebbel am Ufer

Photocredits: Lars Neupert


The piece premiered in 2021 as part of “URBAN FEMINISM – Gotcha! An Evening of 9 short choreographic works”

URBAN FEMINISM is a 3 years long running project (2020-2023) on behalf of Tanz im August and HAU Hebbel am Ufer supporting 10 female urban choreographers in their work as such.

In 2021 the 10 choreographers received workshops of 4 well established choreographers and produced short solo or duo works, which were shown at the Tanz im August Festival.

Choreography & Dance: Malika Lamwersiek, Ellen Wolf, Tatiana Mahlke, Siham Refaie, Lisa Ennaoui, Nicole Adriana, Iman Gele, Laura Kassé, Johanna Adelsberger, KöTA WALi

Workshops & Mentoring: Kat Válastur, Raphael Hillebrand, Honji Wang, Anne Nguyen

Kuration & Produktion: Alina Scheyrer-Lauer

Mitarbeit Produktion: Mmakgosi Kgabi