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Balance is key

In our capitalist world even when it comes to health, spare time, time to rest etc. we are competing with each other and ourselves: Who is doing more Yoga, dieting more consistent, has the more extraordinary hobby, goes on holiday trips the most and so on and so forth. 

My vision of living a heathy life is really the opposite. If you eat chocolate every now and then, that’s fine. If you occasionally drink a glas of wine, your body can handle it. If you skip practice sometimes, enjoy yourselves! Just don’t do it every day, all the time. As Paracelsus pointed out in the 15th century already, the dose makes the poison. And so I am inviting all of you to be a little more tolerant with yourself: Sure, you should move your body on a regular basis, you should eat balanced, you should get enough sleep, you should dress according to the weather. But don’t punish yourself if it doesn’t always work. The opposite is the case: There is overtraining! There is people who get sick from eating unbalanced though not eating sugar, meat or dairy products! There is people getting sick ’cause they are changing time zones on a regular basis through travelling/ working abroad and their biorhythm is completely upside down. So the obvious problem for me is being extreme, it doesn’t matter in what way. Try to live your life colourful and diverse and don’t take yourself too seriously.


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