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Creative vs(?) physical work

As a dancer you are working creatively: working on movement quality, new ways inside of your dance, coming up with choreography, smaller combos, creating patterns, working on performances, improvisation etc. And you optimally search for external inspirations on a regular basis in order to stay inspired and creatively move forward, e.g. watching other dancers perform, exchange with others in jams, watching videos, listening to different kinds of music but maybe also going into art galleries, on concerts, reading books, talking to other creative people, walking in nature, listening to the sounds around you and so on and so on.

On the other side, as a moving body, it is essential that this instrument of yours is functioning in order for you to move the way you want to. Therefore, we also practice. When practicing dance technique, doing run-throughs of performances, jamming with others, practicing battle techniques etc. you will get a certain fitness for what you do. But in order for you to improve flexibility, stability, endurance etc. you would have to supplement your practice with stretching sessions and other kinds of workouts, depending on what you want to achieve. I tried to gather all trainable factors that can determine my (and your) dance performance in the following chart (without any claim to completeness):



All these are aspects we can actually practice to improve our performance in dance, to make it easier for us to move, to prevent injuries from happening and to realize moves we might not have been physically able to do before practicing a specific stretch e.g. Meaning, a certain fitness is also influencing our level of creativity, because it broadens the possibilities of movement for us. I am calling all of you people to not separate these two aspects of working creatively and physically working out, to take them both seriously in order for you to have a long-lasting career in the field of dance and to dig for information, inspiration and knowledge whenever you can. You dig it?


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